Manual motor starters

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Manual motor starters

A complete motor protection concept

Manual motor starters are electromechanical protection devices for the main circuit. They are used mainly to switch motors manually ON/OFF and to provide fuse less protection against short-circuit, overload and phase failures. Fuse less protection saves costs, space and ensures a quick reaction under short-circuit condition by switching off the motor within milliseconds. Starter combinations are setup together with contactors.

Main benefits

  • Harmonized main accessory range (auxiliary contacts, signal contacts, shunt trips and undervoltage releases) for MS1xx and MO1xx family

  • Compact design
  • Efficient planning and installation perfectly matching the ABB contactor family
  • Simple connecting links ensure electrical and mechanical connection to build direct-on-line starters
  • Less machine downtime by protecting motors and reduced trouble shooting 
  • Reduction of maintenance expenditures by protecting motors

Main features

  • Manual control / short-circuit current and overload protection
  • Adjustable current setting for overload protection and magnetic trip indication
  • Disconnection function
  • Temperature compensation
  • Remote control via undervoltage release or shunt trip
  • Short-circuit service breaking capacity Ics up to 100 kA.

0.10 to 32 A – with thermal and electromagnetic protection

MS1 16 Manual motor starters with short Circuit, overload and phase loss protection

Direct on line starter:

MS132 Manual motor starters with Short Circuit, overload and phase loss protection

MO132 Manual motor starters with short circuit protection only

MS132-T circuit breakers for transformer protection

MS132-T Circuit breakers for transformer protection are electro mechanical protection devices specially designed to protect control transformers on the primary side. The short-circuit current setting is fixed to 20 times the operating current to handle the high inrush current generated by transformers.

MS450, MS495, MS495 Manual motor starters
MS450 Manual motor starters with short Circuit, overload and phase loss protection

MO450, MO495, MO495 Manual motor starters
MO450 Manual motor starters with short Circuit protection only