Vision Sensors

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Vision Sensors

This package-type Vision Sensor provides both high-end inspection capabilities and excellent processing speed.

FH Series

Omron has packed image sensing technology for inspection and measurement necessary for automation into compact devices. 
The FH Series includes software for inspection and measurement in addition to cameras that can capture high-sensitivity and high-resolution images. 
This vision system, substituted for the human eye, provides high-speed and high-precision inspection and measurement without complex programming and device combination.

FZ5 Series

The High-precision Object Detection Required for Positioning

Converting Measurement Results to Output User Units

Easily Integrate Interfaces into the Machine

Easy Setup with Program Scalability

FZ4 Series

Single processing led to dual processing, and now the FZ4 takes evolution one step farther with quad processing featuring multi-core, multi-thread operation. Parallel execution of the process flow is automatically calculated to achieve optimum allocation of tasks according to the processor load to achieve the fastest processing in this class. The rapidly-evolving Intel® processors are used. Performance is maximized with a unique software structure that is matched to the processors.


With Omron's original automatic outline scanning technology, automatically calculated glue width and detected angled gaps even complex curved path. Logging the data of glue condition, utilizing for quality control and traceability.