Distribution Boards

Distribution Boards

Elegance series

Elegance series (E-series) Distribution Boards are available in texture grey (Color code - RAL7035).

Blending aesthetics, functionality and safety, the E-series of ABB Distribution Boards are manufactured with high precision, and high quality CRCA steel sheets. These istribution Boards undergo a seven-tank phosphating process to ensure anti-rust conditioning, superior finish and lasting strength. Premier quality powder coating is applied using the latest techniques
ABB’s E-series of Distribution Boards is available in Texture Grey
(RAL 7035)
The E-Series of ABB Distribution Boards are universal Mounting Type,hence can be flush or wall Mounted. These Distribution Boards are provided with top and bottom emovable gland plates with adequate no of Knock outs,which enable easy installation and connection of conduits of sizes up to 32mm dia Knock out

E-series Distribution Boards offer three types of protection-IP43 & IP54 degree with a metal door and IP30 degree without a door. The highest degree of attention has been paid to the safety aspect of the Distribution Boards, considering that they are installed in close proximity to people. An intermediate plate ensures total safety, as no live parts are exposed when the door is opened.

Gemini Switchboard

ABB SACE’s Gemini range is revolutionizing the market of low voltage electric insulating switchboards. The reason for this is that it is the first switchboard made in thermoplastic material, to which the co-injection molding technique gives the same mechanical characteristics as polyester. This means that it is extremely sturdy, with its rigid covering and expanded internal core. Moreover, it contains no fiber glass,a material that with time rises to the surface, jeopardizing the functioning and safety of switchboards made in polyester with which it is usually mixed. Available in 6 different sizes with transparent or opaque door, the Gemini switchboards are suitable for installation in any application context.


The Mirage type tested Sub-Main Distribution Boards have been designed for easy handling and quick, simple installation. These boards guarantees the highest level of Standard : IEC BS EN 61439 – 1 & 2 Max. Load : 250 / 400 / 630 / 800 Amp Type : Tmax & Formula Max. Voltage : 415V AC , 50 / 60 Hz  Degree of Protection : IP 42 ( IP 20 for PAN assembly)  Range : 4, 6, 8, 12 & 16 ways safety and functionality combined with quality of production. Removable top and bottom gland plates are provided for ease of installation and cabling.