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Contactors : DC operates

3 Pole contactors AL and TAL range: DC operated
AL.., TAL.. contactors are mainly used for controlling 3-phase motors and more generally for controlling power circuits both ac & dc. These contactors have a low power onsumption for direct control from PLC outputs. Consequently they are perfectly adapted for all applications associated with PLC control.

AL Contactors

TAL Contactors

Coil voltages and codes: AL                                          Coil voltages and codes: TAL

Other voltages: please consult us.

Contactors for DC Circuit Switching: AC/DC operated

Complete the contactor type code by replacing ** with desired coil voltage

DC3, DC5 ratings please refer technical catalog

Coil voltages and codes:                                          Coil voltages and codes:             Coil voltages and codes: GAF range
GA 75                                                                       GAE 75                                       (AC/DC operated)